Monday, July 23, 2007

YaHooo! No More Diet!

I stayed at the Vets kennel last week when Mum & the family went camping. (It was not all work that kept her from blogging for me.) They weighed me and discovered I lost another 2 pounds! I am now down to 30 pounds and the vet said no more weight loss for Nugget!!! Yay! Now you know why I drooled so much for that cookie in my last video; Mum gives them out very sparingly and I only get a bit of a cookie never a whole one.
Front View
Side Profile OK Mum, you heard the Vet..... Now make with the cookies already!

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Looking good Nugget. Now bring on the cookies to celebrate! Your vet sounds nice and encouraging. Mine is not so - everytime I go he says I need to lose one more kilo even if I did lose one since the previous visit. He says Dixie is not allowed over 10kgs. He is very hung up on our weight! I am larger than average beagles so I think I can carry a few extra k's!
Anyway Nugget, well done you look smart!

Nugget said...

Thanks Jazz, I've always thought you and Dixie were perfect! A beagle isn't meant to look like a whippet.


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Way to go Nugget! I have to go for my check up next week, so I hope my vet doesn't say the D word!

Oscar x

Asta said...

Congwatulations Nugget!
pawsonally I've always thought you were the pawfect shape, but now you get to have moore cookies, so that's excellent. Rainy days are also nice for snoozing after a snack hehehe
smoochie kisses

Molly the Airedale said...

Congratulations Nugget! It's not easy losing weight! Now the trick is to keep it off! Don't go rewarding yourself with too many cookies, okay?!

Love ya lots,

Lizzy said...

It must be so hard for you, not getting enough cookies!


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Hi Nugget! Congrats on the weight loss, hope you get even more biscuits now you are at your fighting weight!

Ferndoggle said...

My Mom has a low fat cookie recipe for dogs that you make with chicken breast (because Sherman is a bit "big boned". They are very delicious! If your Mom is a crazy nutball like our and wants it, shoot us an email. Our addy is on our blog.

Penny & Lola

Anonymous said...

Hi Nugget!!!

Congrats on your losing weight! :-)

I just started on my diet and so, am still getting the hang of things. You sure look great!


sylvie d said...


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Happy blogging!

Headgirl said...

Well done Nuggett! You look very trim, lots of room now for cookies & treats!

Extra pats to you

Anonymous said...

yes, yes........cookies for everyone! Good job on the trimming down Nugget!