Friday, May 18, 2007

Tummy Tag

I've been tummy tagged by Jazz & Dixie. This was a difficult exercise for me, I don't feel safe on my back and for good reason; Ozzy attacks me!

Oh here he goes.... The boy never learns, I can kick his tail and I have the video to prove it!
That’s right Ozzy, I rule. Submit to the power of Miss Nugget.
And stay away from my Cuz!

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Joe Stains said...

I have learned that regardless of how many times you kick butt, the sibling keeps on trying!!

Jazz and Dixie said...

Nice one Nugget! I see you also have spots on your tummy. Good to see that you have Ozzy under control there!
Jazz and Dixie

Oscar Airedale said...

Nice work Nugget. Looks like you showed Ozzy - well, this time at least!

Oscar x

Blue said...

Nice tummy Nugget.
I can see you're TOP girl!

Pats & pets

Pacco de Mongrel said...

hehe...nice shot of ur belly..

Blue said...

Hi again,

Hope you all don't mind, but I've stolen a photo of you for my blog. I'm doing a post about my special blogging doggy friends and you had to be there

Pats & pets

Jackson said...

Hey, I found you through Blue's post about her dog friends. Pleased to meet you! J x

Sparky said...

Great pictures! I was just tummy tagged too! :)