Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Recovery

Here I am looking a little spent. Mum took me to the Vet and they gave me some medicine to make me sleep and did surgery so I can't have any puppy's. Mum adopted me when I was two, two years ago and decided the surgery wasn't necessary since Stewy was neutered. What changed? -Stupid Ozzy, Mum agreed to get me fixed in order to adopt him!
(He will be moving in with my human sister soon, that is if he gets along with her cat)!

Funny thing though.... Ozzy is going to see the Vet on Tuesday! Best of all, he will need to wear one of those cone-head things.... mawahahaha
I am feeling much better and even scored a nice treat today. The upside to all of this is that Mum was advised to walk me everyday. Apparently this surgery makes a girl put on weight. If you've seen my Mum you know the walking will do her some good too!

We had a very important family meeting. The main topic-how to score more treats!

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Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Hey Nugget,

Hope you're doing OK. Lots of treats & walks in exchange for an operation doesn't sound TOO bad!

Oscar x

Headgirl said...

Poor you Nugget, but you'll love all those extra walks in the park.
A gentle pat on that pretty head of yours! Now take care!

Really love your blog, just wish you'd more time to post more doggy tales!

Shelli Martineau said...

I can't believe you got Nuggs fixed.. I am so bummed! Also, I want my cute lil puppy!! :)

Joe Stains said...

yay treats! all you dogs are TOO cute!

Nugget said...

Hi Oscar, Yes I am feeling almost back to normal. The treats really help!
Blue, I know I should post more, but that Mum is lazy!
Shell, sorry no puppa's from me!
Thanks Joe, you're pretty cute too!