Sunday, January 28, 2007

YaHoo! Dog Park Day

Stewy-Moving too fast for Mum's camera. He cried in the car all the way to the park, which made me worry too! We thought we were going to the dreaded groomers. We were very excited when Mum's car pulled into the dog park parking lot.

Mum said to stay out of the ponds but Stewy never listens. The ponds were lovely and muddy.

We discovered many trees blew over in the windstorm we had last month.

There were so many good scents! We played hard and needed a nap when we got home.

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Loui (and his mum!) said...

Hey Nugget I can see your very comfy looking bed in that photo!

Loui xx

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Wow, looks like you had fun. Muddy puddles are the best!

Oscar x

Lisa said...

You two sure look like you had fun today! I love dog parks too!


Loki said...

Omg.. I saw BEAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!! My mum loves beagle... now she goes crazy because of you.. haHa

sydney said...

THANKS for visting my blog...
actually I really like cats....TO CHASE! BWWAAHHHAAA. I don't chase my cat, only when It looks like he wants to play....... mmm it is a ploy I am sure.any hoo,
you look like your mum loves you lots
nothing like a good nap after a hard play!
and ooohhh mud!mix it alittle with the "chunks" and wala you got your self a smelly goodness of rolling.

Joe Stains said...

wow, our dog park doesn't have ponds! Did stewy have to get a bath?!

Nugget said...

Hi Everyone, yes it was a great day & no Stewy didn't get a bath, he did get a full body towel off. He is happy about not having a bath, however no one in the family will let him sleep with them!

Anonymous said...

Hey! looks like you're having fun :-)

I love mud too .. although I leave deep water to the labradors;-)

Jim xx