Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tummy Trouble

I am blogging for Miss Nugget, she is a bit under the weather. She loved her ball to death, tearing out and eating the entire stuffing. Fortunately she threw it back up. (I think that is better than trying to process it all) Regretfully however she threw up all over my bed in the middle of the night. Once I realized what was happening I tried to get her off the bed quickly, I didn't make it! I had sick child flash backs! I will buy another squeaky ball minus the stuffing.

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Joe Stains said...

tanner barfed in the bed a couple of times too! hopefully nugget feels better soon!

Shelli Martineau said...

Oh poor Nuggy!!

Nugget said...

Thank Joe and Shelli, I am feeling much better now. - Lub Nugget

Boo Casanova said...

hey nugget,

sorry to hear you were sick but glad you feel better now.

i experienced that before. but i didn't throw up on the hooman bed though. i was sleeping underneath their bed and throw up my whole day's meal in the middle of the night. mom had to clean it up. pity her.

next time, don't eat stuffies again kay!

wet wet licks


fee said...

awww... i hope you are feeling better now, nugget. have some yoghurt! it tastes yummilicious and it helps settle the stomach!


Fu Fu said...

Oh no poor Ms Nugget. I hope you're better now... Take care

~ fufu

Linda said...

Awwwhh, poor Miss Nugget. We hope you are feeling better soon! Try not to eat the stuffing ok??
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Nugget said...
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Nugget said...

I am much better now. Thank you everyone, and yes I will stay away from the "stuffies" - They looked yummy at the time!

DebbieT said...

Bless your puppy heart... hope you're feeling better soon! Bucky sends his best wishes too.