Tuesday, October 17, 2006

For Sale - Slightly Used By Beagles

Nuggy is sure this tin should contain cookies, unfortunately it's just nails, etc.... I have not blogged in over a week! We have been busy cleaning, repairing and sprucing up our house. We are putting it up for sale the end of the month. Of course leave it to me & RR to decide to sell just as the housing market slows. I think Nuggy and Stewy are hoping it won't sell. The Realtor suggested setting up a kennel in the garage to keep them contained while we have visitors in the house.-That will go over like a lead balloon! I am guessing the dogs will get to enjoy the house at least three plus months or so... or at least I hope, I am not exactly in a hurry either. We are going to down size into a condo or apartment and I am dreading life with two beagles and no backyard. Of course we will be sure to be near a park or greenbelt of some sort.

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e said...

Hi Stewy and Nugget

Nice to meet you. We are in the DWB Xmas Card Swap too so we wanted to say HELLOOO!

Fei is an an 'apartment' dog too. It's just the way our living arrangement has been in Singapore and in our next country of residence (Tokyo), she will be an apartment dog for long. It's not that great but like you, we are hoping to live near a park or a river in Japan.
Good luck with the new apartment hunting and let us know how it goes.

Fei & E

tiffy. said...

they can come and visit me and earl while your showing the house. Or we could come over there and take them on a LONG walk to keep them occupied.