Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Yummies

Both Ozzy and I have been sick, we have been throwing up the last few days. I am feeling a little better today. Yesterday I didn't want to play my favorite game of fight for the cuz with Ozzy. Mum is a bit concerned, she doesn't think it is our dog food but she is going to check. Stewy has not been sick which makes Mum think that Ozzy and I got into something; I am not going to tell.
Today was crazy at my house, Mum had bags of chocolates, and other candies. She made cupcakes and hard boiled eggs. Ozzy and Stewy tried to help; EAT! Mum said no chocolate for us, she is no fun!
Ozzy's hooman girl (who is suppose to take care of him) made him look like one of those crazy birds with the sticky-up feathers on the head. She put food coloring on his head and made a green mowhawk.-whatever that is. I hid, I'll eat the green stuff but I don't want it on my head. I am going to sneak a taste of Ozzy's hair when no one is looking.

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Hi Nugget,
How are you and Ozzy feeling now? We hope you are all better! Did you sneak some easter eggs? You can tell a fellow beagle.
Jazz and Dixie

Molly the Airedale said...

Cool Easter stuff going on at your house! I hope you guys are feeling better so you can help eat the eggs!

Happy Easter Nugget and Ozzy!

Love ya lots,

Linda said...

Oh Ozzy looks cute with his green mohawk, hehehe! We hope you are having a Happy Easter!
We're sorry to hear you both have been sick. You don't eat any of those foods that have been recalled do you?? or the biscuits or treats that were recalled too?? The lists our on our blog if you need to see them. Feel better soon pals!
Luv & Wirey Healing Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Urban Smoothie Read said...

colourful eggs u got there..

yesterday i only had all d reds one

Joe Stains said...

oh ozzy you look like a punk rocker, don't be embarrassed you are a cool dude!!!!!!!!