Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Poor Ol' Ozzy

This is so humiliating.

Ozzy must wear this e-collar for 7-10 days. He is not happy about it and has been running into walls, people and even Stewy and me. He keeps whining for Mum to take it off. We don’t know why Mum let the Vet person put this thing on Ozzy but we are glad it’s him and not us. Today Ozzy did figure out how to pick up his stuff toys and even played his favorite game of fetch the bunny.
I thought they liked me.

3 Wags:

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Aw poor Ozzy. I had to wear one recently for a week. You do get used to it.

Oscar x

Girasol said...

oh no!!!
I had to wear one a few years ago.

Joe Stains said...

poor ozzy :( we hope that thing comes off soon, then you can PEE ON IT!