Monday, February 12, 2007

All Wet

This is Ozzy’s first visit to the dog park, and as you can see he is completely soaked. This was not our best dog park visit, or at least not for Mum. First off, it was rainy and cold. Ozzy ran straight for the main pond, jumped in and started to swim! Stewy and I like to wade a bit, but Ozzy was swimming around like it was a hot summer day. Once mum got him out he needed to poop and for the first time Mum forgot to bring plastic bags. A nice lady pointed out Ozzy’s poop for Mum. The park has plastic boxes for volunteers to leave clean bags for just this purpose. The boxes are labeled “Clean Plastic Bags Only”, but what did Mum find? First box, a latte cup and paper trash, no clean bags. The second box held a bag with poop, no clean bags. The third and final box was filled with water and clean bags, but some ridiculous human dropped in poop and it wasn’t in a bag. Mum carefully avoided the poop and pulled out a sopping wet plastic bag for the poop. Poop in hand and on the way to the trash Mum slipped in the nice thick mud and fell poop and all. Stewy and I thought this was great fun, but Mum started muttering to herself. I couldn’t quite make out all that she was saying but some of those words are not allowed in our house. We went home early because Mum was cold, muddy and very wet! I did hear her tell dad that she is going to volunteer at the dog park, stocking plastic bags and cleaning up. This is very good news because I know she will take us along!
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Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Poor mum. Hope you are all nice & dry & warm now.

Oscar x

Headgirl said...

Your mum has my heart felt sympathy. Irrespible dog owners give all of us a bad name! And the last thing you want is fewer parks & beaches to run free & wild in!
All power to the clean-up campaign!

fee said...

happy valentine's day, dear nugget, stewy and ozzy!

loves and kisses from singapore,

msquared said...

YOu might want to check this post out it
it features a nice lovable dog.

Linda said...

Happy Valentine's Day Nugget, Stewy & Ozzy!!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Nugget said...

Thank you everyone! Happy Valentine's Day. :-)