Saturday, September 23, 2006

How Do They Know?

These two go absolutely nuts if they see me pulling out their leashes. They know it means either walkies or dog park. Once I have their leashes on I can hardly get out of the door without being dragged down the road! My husband likes to stand and watch, apparently seeing my arms yanked out of their sockets is funny stuff. If we are taking the car I like to prep it first by putting down a towel. I also bring along grocery bags for any necessary clean-ups, my camera, etc... I have tried to quietly pack the car and then bring out the dogs, but no matter how sneaky I think I am being, they know. The last time I tried, I was quietly packing plastic bags while Stewy was napping in the next room, I turned around and there he was looking up at me with a little smirk. - He knew! How? I think they can read my mind. So, there I am packing the car with two beagles at the door loudly crying and scratching.- I give up.

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