Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dog Names?

Watching people trying to round up their doggy companions at the off-leash dog park we visit regularly, I noticed something funny.
1) Dogs know when it's time to go home and do stall/avoid tactics employed by many children. 2) Dog names more often than not are people names; Heidi, Muriel, Sophie, Jake, and I even heard a dog with initials for a name.
Miss Nugget was actually named Chicken Nugget by a five year old in the family we adopted her from. (They didn't know what they were in for with a dog). I wanted to re-name her Olive, but my kids over-ruled me. They liked the name Nugget and also thought a name change would be too confusing for her since she was almost 2 years.

4 Wags:

Baily said...

hi nugget,

my mom named me after irish cream Baileys.....if we find some more doggies mabye we can get a whole meal together lol ;)

nose licks

Shelli Martineau said...

Don't forget to include Bon Bon in your dogs-named-after-food party!

Mum said...

Yes, and Stew too!

mic_comte said...

Here is how dogs are named in the world and some lists of names too:
Dog names