Friday, August 04, 2006

We swear it wasn't us!

Innocent looking, right? Yes, but these two just will not leave the yappy little dog on the other side of the fence alone! Oh, and note the extreme dirt on their coats! Tiff took them to the dog park today and apparently Miss Nugget, (on the left) was chasing a ball which landed in the pond. She gingerly stepped onto the green pond scum in an attempt to walk over to the ball and sunk to her shoulders. Stewy (on the right) decided to follow - great!

This was the scene earlier this evening; they really want that little dog on the other side of the fence. The problem is, this is a daily event. I introduced myself at a neighborhood block party and the women I was speaking with said "Oh, you're the one with the Beagles". - Nice. I just said yes, I'm sorry.

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