Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bruno's Day

(Bruno sporting a fresh hair-cut and new bandana) Poor Bruno had a rough day today. As G.. was heading down stairs carring a basket of laundry, Bruno crossed over his foot just at the point he lifted to take a step. Bruno was accidently launched through the air down several steps, tumbled into the wall at the landing and into a display drum which toppled over him. Just as he was standing to shake off the fall the drum rolled back over him. He is fine, but a bit nervous. I've been making a fuss of him all day and fed him extra treats. Posted by Picasa

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Shelli Martineau said...

HI Mama! Thought you may find this site interesting:

Bobby Griffin said...

Hey Nuggy's Mum...

I have decided to make you "Bestest Blog of the Day" for August 16th.

Please email me at ASAP so I can fill you in on a few extra details.